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BOSKKE Sky Planters – Yea or Nay?

Without question, I say Nay to the likes of the Topsy Turvey Tomato Planter thingy. I simply can’t justify tormenting my tomato plants (for no good reason) by planting them in a crap-ugly thinga-majig that doesn’t hold any water and will be a maintenance nightmare. But — Boskke Sky planters take the upside down thing… Continue Reading

Kiss the Earth: Holi

We have finally made it. We have endured the grey skies of Winter and are stepping into this miraculous time of renewal, fertility, and regeneration, when we sow our seeds and watch them dance forth into being. SPRING is finally here! There are so many rituals and holidays the world over that welcome the season… Continue Reading

Weekend Things

It’s almost St. Patty’s Day.  Which meant little to me until we moved to Boston. But now we will wake up early to be at the pub with friends and neighbors (the murphys, fitzsimmons, sennotts, flannigans, kellys, and connelleys) at 10am – cause that’s when it opens (duh). That’s right –  we are in no… Continue Reading

Friday 5: Five Great Garden Grasses

I’m trying out a new feature…. I’m calling it the Friday 5.  The concept is simple — it is five of anything, featured on friday.   If you want to share 5 of something – it can be plants for a purpose, products, ideas, gardens, places, events — anything really — drop me an email… Continue Reading

Doggy Water Bowls

My nice quiet mornings where I awake before my family and sneak to the dark kitchen, prepare myself a nice cup of coffee (in the dark) and sit down to write are gone.  Now they are all about getting the puppy up and outside as fast as possible and I am really missing the silence.  I’m not… Continue Reading

Before & After: Liz & Linda – Construction

[singlepic id=20 w=500 float=] [nggallery id=4] Ok, this the painful week as we follow along with Liz and Linda’s garden and our London Garden Designers — This is where  the plans are in place and the garden construction is getting underway.  Things always get worse before they get better.  But next week we get to… Continue Reading

Zachary Design’s Concrete Garden Furniture

Some days I am just a little bit bored with shiny or plastic looking designs for outdoor furniture. But concrete has an appeal that feels right for a garden.  There is just something about the fact that it is actually stone and sand and dust – and when set amongst the stone and sand and… Continue Reading

A South African Rockery

  You know, not all gardens start with a love of plants. Sure plants are important, perhaps even a requirement (some would argue) for a ‘garden’ to be a garden…but, as this amazing South African plot shows, they don’t have to be the raison d’etre for creating an amazing outdoor place. The beginnings of this… Continue Reading

New Puppy: Welcome Earvin Zippance (Zippy) Greayer

Hi – just popping into let you know that I have a new arrival.   As with all new babies, families need time to adjust so I will be out the rest of today and back tomorrow (hopefully I will have gotten some sleep in the interim).   But until then, say hi to the… Continue Reading

The Latin Series: F is for Flava

What does Flava Mean? I joke…. But seriously, now that we have done red (remember red = Coccinea) and blue  (blue = Caerulea), we are rouding out the primary colors with yellow.   F is for Flava  — flava is latin for yellow. Flava plants, like those with other color designations, have yellow features —… Continue Reading

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