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I have a big garden so I am frequently overwhelmed by it. But I reminded myself recently just how much can be done in tiny spurts of time. (I re-seeded my front lawn in the time it took my kindergartener to get his shoes on and get in the car to go to school). It had me thinking….what other garden chores can I do in mere minutes.

Here are 5 more ideas (besides re-seeding and over-seeding grassy areas) that you can do very quickly.

So many garden chores can be done in tiny spurts of time. As spring approaches, you can tackle little pieces in is little as 15 minutes.
1) Clean out a container, a raised bed, or anything you didn’t quite get to last year.

It’s all dead it comes away with the quickest of swipes. Leave your garden gloves by the door so you are ready to go and you won’t have to wash up afterwards.

2) Turn the compost heap

I like to do this when I am just back from a walk with the dog, or yoga…I am already needing a little shower, I am all warmed up — why not add 5 more minutes of physical exercise.

3) Prune something

Pick the thing that most recently finished blooming, odds are it is a good time to prune it.

4) Pick a Bouquet

You know whatever is blooming….or maybe it isbn’t blooming, but it has nice color or texture. An arrangement doesn’t always need flowers.

5) Clean the ashes out of the firepit or fire bowl

….and if you only have a grill….clean the grill. It will be ready for the next time you want to use it.

So many garden chores can be done in tiny spurts of time. As spring approaches, you can tackle little pieces in is little as 15 minutes.

Update: Spring 2017 – 3 more!

I can’t wait for this latest snow to melt and get out of the way. It was such a tease as I thought for sure that we’d have an early spring. But alas there are a few things that I am doing in preparation for an industrious spring.

6. Order Summer bulbs and tubers.

It is march – somethings are starting to sell out. If you are picky, you need to hurry but if you are looking for sales, then wait a few more weeks. Either way, order dahlias, cannas, gladiolas, elephant ear bulbs and any other summer bulb that catches your eye.

7. Start some seeds.

It doesn’t need to be a big production. Anything sprinkled in a pot of dirt will help you feel excited about emerging spring. Keep it simple and just enjoy the anticipation of whatever plant you choose (the crazier the better IMO) peeking its head out of the soil and transforming into something right before your eyes.

8. Get a new houseplant.

Every spring, I migrate most of my houseplants out to the patio. They always seem to appreciate the summer vacation. But it leaves my insides feeling a little bare – I just bought a handful of new houseplants just for indoors. Don’t ask me what I am going to do with them all come fall. This is short term thinking and I don’t care.


Anyone else have a quickie to share?


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