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Once upon a time, my shed/ chicken coop used to be cute.  But then I messed with it, and then… Continue Reading

My dad’s latest engineering feat has been to install a hydroponics growing system in the spare bedroom of my parents… Continue Reading

AUGUST UPDATE:  I can tell you a bit more – This has to do with the Launch of PITH +… Continue Reading

This week I have been pulling together plans for a white garden to be installed this summer at a client’s… Continue Reading

I have so much to talk about today — but first things first (we will get to the rest tomorrow).… Continue Reading

Greetings, Studio G Readers!  My name is Elizabeth, and I’ve been designing outdoor spaces for over 12 years.  I also… Continue Reading

I am still working my way thought the spring clean up and last weekend I focussed on the vegetable garden.… Continue Reading

This time of year is such a treat.  It is so full of beautiful flowering trees and shrubs that it… Continue Reading

Whew,  this week has been a roller coaster.   The book is finally – FINALLY! –  done.  I quite happily… Continue Reading

My strawberries hate my strawberry tower. They literally run from it. Last year in my book writing garden absence, I… Continue Reading

I’m filling this vacation week with activities that I can simultaneously call productive (for me) and entertaining for my little… Continue Reading

Yes! – I’d frame that.  I find the ‘G’ particularly nice and it reminds me of Colorado history and some… Continue Reading

…my book went up on for pre-order.  I found out from a friend who mentioned it in an email….I… Continue Reading

As a designer I am not immune to creative dry spells – but the key to maintaining a steady stream… Continue Reading

This little video just knocked my socks off. It is beautifully illustrated and oh so clear….it is based on this… Continue Reading

If you have been around here a while, you might remember the daily garden posts that I maintained a few… Continue Reading

I hope you’ve had a great weekend.  Mine was nice, even if it was completely taken over by an elementary… Continue Reading

Unlike last summer where I sweated out writing a book, this summer I intend to enjoy my garden and coddle… Continue Reading

Its in Swedish so you will have to allow google to translate for you but Ikea has some beautifully earthy… Continue Reading

I have been meaning to share this arrangement for days now – but it (once again) has been one of… Continue Reading

Spring has sprung and thought quite a bit snow remains here in Massachusetts, I got some pruning in yesterday. Are… Continue Reading

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