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I pride myself on going off the road of predictability….shunning ubiquity and liking things sometimes just because other don’t. I… Continue Reading

Like the senator, the ribs or inward fiber of this singular plant are quite hard and tough and it can… Continue Reading

I just discovered a great blog and website called the Kiwi Jetsetter. They have tremendous amount of information on hotels… Continue Reading

Jesus Moroles has over 2000 installed works worldwide and is unparallelled in his field. He works in granite and primarily… Continue Reading

I love these lights! They are pretty in expensive, so you could fill you a hot tub, pond, or pool… Continue Reading

I can’t begin to think about Alaska without my mind going to our current presidential race. So I’m taking Sarah… Continue Reading

Tom Chudleigh has a personal goal…” My personal goal is to produce 10 – 15 spheres and hang them all… Continue Reading

This pool is me. I wish I could say I designed it because it so perfectly appeals to my aesthetic.… Continue Reading

There are too many choices in the plant world, and it is so easy to loose focus which is why… Continue Reading

I live outside of Boston, though I can’t say I am really a Red Sox fan – I hope my… Continue Reading

The Janus Et Cie catalogs are filled with amazing high quality products photographed to create completely engrossing, landscape designer eye… Continue Reading

I love Callicarpa– I first discovered it used in a wreath that I bought many years ago. The berries are… Continue Reading

The Redbud is universally loved and is one of the best spring flowering trees. It is used by Native Americans… Continue Reading

I know of just a few artists that are living that create landscape art that I want to celebrate. I… Continue Reading

The berries get me every time. Little bright red beacons that draw me closer. Winterberry, loaded with bright red berries… Continue Reading

Last week the Sagamore Hotel was sold and will presumably undergo extensive renovations to bring it up to the vision… Continue Reading

Small slices of green, terrariums and indoor gardens can make the most overwhelming of city spaces breathable and calm. Cathryn… Continue Reading

To design something so perfect for it’s place is a true work of art. Sami Rintala and a group of… Continue Reading

Local, homegrown, real food is my thing. In my spare time, I helped create a farmers market in my town… Continue Reading

To be planning your spring display (that is if you are in the northern hemisphere). I know this picture circulated… Continue Reading

I swear, the fact that Colorado is the second in our list is pure happenstance. I asked my 5 year… Continue Reading

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