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A Studied Dismantling of a Yellow Jacket Nest with Noah Wilson-Rich Ph.D. Continue Reading

Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D. is a biologist / professor / NYTimes & LATimes op-ed contributor / two-time TEDx speaker / TV personality… Continue Reading

Linda Park is a nature and landscape photographer based in Princeton, New Jersey. She loves to capture photos of beautiful flowers,… Continue Reading

Dear Readers,

Sometimes new beginnings come in fits and starts. I always wish for a spring that slowly wakes up. The earliest bloomers warm me up for a move into flushes of … Continue Reading

Do you regularly wash your house windows? I have to admit – I’ve never. I’ve tried but it gets overwhelming… Continue Reading

Time is short, but I’ve found a beautiful holiday table top decoration idea for you. The North American Orchid Center  has… Continue Reading

Are you hitting the road for the holidays? I am not – but I love a good epic holiday road… Continue Reading

This time of year there are lots of packages arriving by mail. When a package arrives, everyone is either trying to squirrel… Continue Reading

There are so many ideas to steal from this interesting hospitality project in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. The building that received a… Continue Reading

Sight Unseen has a great writeup about Dutch Design Week (October 21-29, 2016). There were many interesting items, but a couple caught my… Continue Reading

As most of my gardening attention shifts to houseplants and things I can grow inside, I wanted to share one of… Continue Reading

I spotted Phillip Nixon’s Garden in Apartment Therapy last week when they referred to it as an “Indiana Jones Oasis”.  (oddly,… Continue Reading

My plants have just about passed on for the season.  The last of the leaves are strew across the lawn… Continue Reading

The simple fact that such a bounty can come from a pile of dirt on top a building inspires me… Continue Reading

Sohei Nishino seems to have captured so many things that I love in his art.  Foreign cities, travel, maps, photography, collage,… Continue Reading

After a couple of seasons of being a lesser vegetable gardener than I once was, I have finally come to… Continue Reading

Something is alive in the mailbox. A few months back the door of the mailbox rusted to the point that… Continue Reading

I’m on a word diet.  It’s just like Atkins, but instead of eating steaks slathered in butter, I have to… Continue Reading

I am very excited to welcome a guest here today. Linda Bilsens is the Community Composting Manager at the Institute for Local… Continue Reading

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So everyone knows that we need to save the bees.  And pollinators too.  But what are all the pollinators? Well,… Continue Reading

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