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Do you have a favorite city? The place you would choose to live if you could choose to live anywhere?… Continue Reading

Despite three days of rain earlier this week, many of my plants are struggling. We are in serious drought mode.… Continue Reading

Twelve years, five lawn mowers, five string trimmers, and two leaf blowers later, I think I can finally tell you… Continue Reading

It’s Wednesday and I find it hard to believe that just four days ago I was in Provence, France. I… Continue Reading

It’s July and officially ‘late season’ for plant buying.  (Don’t worry! – you get another chance for regular season planting in… Continue Reading

I generally feel like I can’t do much of anything about of a whole host of things that concern me… Continue Reading

I miss the beehives that sat at the edge of the our garden for many seasons.  They weren’t particularly special… Continue Reading

Whole Foods and Trader Joes appear to have recently split a shipment of beautiful potted gardenias and they both had… Continue Reading

This weekend was my birthday and celebrations began on Saturday morning with brunch at Pier 6 in Charlestown, MA.  Pier… Continue Reading

I discovered something wonderful recently. I have long been a lover of essential oils… the right scent can really energize… Continue Reading

Dear Readers, I’d love to hear your thoughts as I plan future print and digital issues of PITH + VIGOR,… Continue Reading

My husband is not a gardener – but over the years I’ve learned that there are few things I can… Continue Reading

Am I the only blogger who hasn’t written a story about how to upgrade grocery store flowers into something more interesting?… Continue Reading

I’m easily two months late in announcing it is tick season, but I thought I’d mention it as I have a… Continue Reading

Are you cooking anything this weekend? I am considering treating myself by using the first strawberries of the season in… Continue Reading

By: DR. ROXANNE DALEO Shinrin-Yoku. Translation: Shinrin – forest. Yoku – bathing, showering, taking in – with all of our… Continue Reading

  Inspired by her study of cross-cultural healing practices, Dr. Daleo believes it is possible to weave the ways of ancient… Continue Reading

We’ve had two straight weeks of rain and constant drizzle and I still can’t get that grass to take root.… Continue Reading

I remember the first time I heard the oft repeated gardener’s maxim, “First year they sleep, the second year they… Continue Reading

Community seed sharing programs are appearing across the country in the form of seed libraries. Through these programs, members receive a… Continue Reading

Being a garden blogger has its perks…free plants and seeds.  Every year, the packets come in, some I purchased and… Continue Reading

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