I have so many links and interesting things that I have discovered while researching and writing my book that I can’t wait to share.  My biggest fear is that I will never remember them all — in fact I have already forgotten so many.   I really don’t want to forget this one,  so this is just a quick post before I head back to book finishing land.

planting plan from the botany collection at the university of amsterdam via www.pithandvigor.comWhat do you think this might be a picture of?  It is part of the botany collection a the university of Amsterdam.  It is titled ‘Schemavoorbepalingbedekkingsgraad” which translates to ‘Schedule for Determining Coverage’.  I deduce it to be a planting plan.

I adore this kind of thing. I want to print it out and hang it on my wall.  I think it is charming and interesting as a work of art, but knowing that it is a planting plan as well really makes me smile.  I wonder what plants this represents?  And are the choices in color and symbol shape related to the plants or completely abstract?  I think the questions make it even more interesting.

I used to take great pride in my planting plans ( I haven’t done one in a while). They were full color affairs with beautiful photographic images representing all the chosen plants so that the clients could get a great sense of what they were getting.  The printing costs where ridiculous.  These days, I think I would want to make something more like this.  Sure, it’s not as descriptive, but I find it much more satisfying…so maybe not for clients…but just for me.

image from the botany collection at the University of Amsterdam

You can download a copy for yourself at the The memory of the Netherlands



2 Responses to Pretty Old Planting Plan

  1. Love it! I have several planting plans on the boards this winter and this would be fun. You could do something like this with the Paper app for iPad while on the go.

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