Before & After: Alex’s Mountain Garden

Ok this is the last Alex Smith Garden for now… I can’t tell for sure but I think these three before and after sets from Alex Smith are perhaps all the same house.  I dream of such a place.

More of the during and after in the gallery…

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3 Responses to Before & After: Alex’s Mountain Garden

  1. What a gorgeous place. The view and stone are straight out of my fantasies. The cottage plant selections keep it friendly. Love the edging (I am about to replace my own wood edging) I’m not making sense out of the bed layout – those triangles? but that may be just the photo. I would add a series of slim eighteen inch statues, that disappear in summer and become the winter focus. Maybe they are in there!

  2. That is a lot of work! Hundreds of acre-feet of dirt, plantings, concrete, stone. What an expenditure of resources to achieve such a look…like a small version of Versailles. Why not just move to the lot adjoining the garden in Versailles and leave the hillside alone? Where did all that dirt come from? Did it create a hole that someone else will have to fill? What could have been so wrong with that hillside, that view, in its native context? I’m sure the owner and designer enjoyed playing god…or “improving” that obviously flawed look that nature’s creator had cursed it with. Seriously, a sad waste of resources considering there are better ways to spend one’s surplus cash than pretending to be a failed French monarch.

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