Before & After: Erin’s Fire Pit

I love that Erin wrote me to tell me about her firepit.  It is a fantastic project that both she and I are excited to share, because it is a compeltely do-able (contractor-free) project and the results (especially as we are heading into the cozy fall) are beautiful.

before and after fire pit project from erin

Even Erin’s mom helped out.   Great job, thanks for sharing Erin!

If you want to see the full DIY project check out Erin’s flickr stream here.

before and after fire pit project from Erin (erins mom helping out)

before and after garden makeover firepit from erin

Care to share your DIY or before and after garden makeover?  We would love to see it — shoot me an email right here.

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7 Responses to Before & After: Erin’s Fire Pit

  1. Thanks so much, Rochelle!

    Haha, the second photo is of my mom who helped us on the first day…I’m laughing because she has no idea this photo even exists so if she ever saw it on here, she’d die. 😉

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