Before & After: Linda’s Zen Garden

Lindas zen garden before and after via

I’m always intrigued by what gardeners choose to do with the ‘side yard’.  It always seems to be an area that has more specific purpose than other areas.  Often it is the dog run, the tool area, the pass through, the garbage can storage, the weed propagation area… or something else entirely unglamourous and un-destination worthy.

Linda's zen garden before and after via

But Linda and her husband saw their side yard differently and they choose to make it a zen garden that now, after the transformation, they use on a daily basis.   It is also a good reason to open some curtains — because the view is alot nicer.  I love the moodiness of all the dark purple and red colors — it seems to embrace the vibe of this ‘between-the-buildings’ position and is a nice contrast to the buttery yellow house color.

Banana palm Lindas zen garden before and after via

Lindas zen garden before and after via

I don’t have a side yard (per se), so I am curious, what un-seemly things do you have going on in your side yard….or have you made it beautiful in some interesting way? 

If you have a before and after that you would like to share email us here – we would love to see it and so would the rest of the studio ‘g’ tribe. 

Images from Linda Woods at I am Art Blog

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