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  1. Love this idea. Two questions… 1.) did you fill the entire cabinet with dirt, or is there another medium between the dirt top and the bottom of the cabinet 2.) did your filing cabinet have a bottom?

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Pop-Up Hayseed

Pop-Up Hayseed

I am pleased to see the that the ‘pop-up store’ trend has trickled down the the garden community.  It makes sense in much the same way that ‘pop-up’ makes sense for Halloween stores and Holiday shops….but we don’t see it that often (at least I haven’t up here in New England).   Yes, seasonal is often…

Garden Designers Round Table: 5 ‘Keep it Simple’ Container Garden Combos

It’s that time of year when spring has most definitely sprung and there is a flurry of activity in my garden and my clients gardens,  lots of new business, –and not to mention the end of school year busy-ness that comes with children.   I am slammed and I don’t need to make anything harder than…

Before & After : Topher Delaney’s Line of Fire

I love that designers are starting to send me their best work. Keep it coming! Topher Delaney’s studio sent this exciting Before and After along with some other exciting projects that will share in the next few weeks. As I opened the email and took this in, I made an audible gasp…my husband was sitting…

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