Daily Garden: OsterGRO – An Urban Rooftop Farm in Denmark

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OsterGRO urban rooftop farm in DenmarkThe simple fact that such a bounty can come from a pile of dirt on top a building inspires me to no end. Gardening is most certainly a science and a chore and a thing that with practice, experience and knowledge you can get a lot better at.  But it is also pretty simple – dirt + water + seed = plants, food, flowers.  Even in an inhospitable place, (as most rooftops are, OsterGRO in Denmark is no exception) the formula works.

Garden Tools at OsterGRO urban rooftop farm in Denmark

I’ve wanted to get back to the simple act of sharing gardens with more regularity for a while.  Remember back in those studio ‘g’ blog days when I actually managed to pull it off  every single day?  (Seriously – I did it – check out the archives).

I miss that…

Beekeeping at OsterGRO urban rooftop farm in Denmark

I hope you find this as inspiring as I do.  OsterGRO is a community supported urban farm on a rooftop in København, Denmark.  Not only do they grow food, but they have a restaurant and bar and they host events of all sorts (even bachelor parties!).

As a side note – if your guy has his bachelor party in a garden, you should cling to him for life. I believe it is simply not possible for this type of guy to be the wrong type of guy.  

The OesterGro garden is Denmark’s first ‘Tagfarm’ – which I am pretty sure translates to Roof Farm.

Before and After OsterGRO urban rooftop farm in Denmark

If you remember back when I did all those daily gardens, I bet you also remember all the Before & After posts I used to do too.  Yeah, I want to do more of those again too.  They just make me feel good.

Before and After of OsterGRO urban rooftop farm in Denmark

Transformation, creation and expression – especially in a garden – have a way of helping me get through the day.

Before and After of OsterGRO urban rooftop farm in Denmark

OsterGRO has a website where you can learn more about this urban farming project. And they also have an instagram feed where you can follow along with their daily adventures.

images: Ostergro

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