Transitioning the Container Garden From Fall to Winter with Textures

transistion containers from fall to winter with texture by roanne robbins via

My fall container compositions need a switch out.  The mums look tired, the veggies have given up and the grasses have not fared well in the enormous gusts of wind. Time has been escaping me lately and I am thinking that I should just transition my containers along before the next shift in the wind comes and I am chiseling away at icy soil. I have been hypnotized lately by all the fabulous plant life along the highway. Moving quickly  and paying attention to the road you really only get a textural impression- dense cones of reds, wispy gold threads, linear slashes of browns.

textural winter container plantingThough the color palette will be different. I want my winter containers to be all about long lasting texture. This year I will steer away from the ornamental pull of classic cut greens and opt for something more garden-like; a party of mini conifers, evergreen woodland treasures, heath and heathers.  I am envisioning red sticks slashing across the composition, grid-like webs of birch branches weaving in an out of crisp green bristles, wiry stems spinning around the base of the planting and pillowy patches of mosses resting in the negative space. Now to plant shop! – Roanne

planting for winter containers

images Alyn Carlson


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