Daily Garden: Carolyn’s Greek Garden with A View

Have I ever mentioned that I honeymooned in Greece (13 years ago)?  So this landscape has some sentimental value for me.  Carolyn Chadwick created this garden for a newly built house on the Island of Paros.   Obviously blessed with a beautiful ocean front starting point, I think the garden captures the spirit of the place beautifully.

Greek islands are hot and arid.  There aren’t alot of trees and the plants need to stand up to the desert like conditions.  I love the sweeps of purple and the use of low growing plants that allow the rockiness of the site to remain evident and that maintain the vast open views.

I am impressed by Carolyn’s ability to make the land seem lush but still in character.  My memories of Greece are decidedly not lush – I actually remember craving the coolness of a little lushness at times ( I am fair and from the North after all).

This garden certainly has me longing for a second honeymoon….. how about you? What do you love about this garden?

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