Garden Gallery: The Alchemist’s Garden

Should we take a little blogland trip to France?  Lets.

Alchemist's garden white garden by about gardens via

Have a wander through the Alchemist’s Garden which is in Provence and is featured on About Gardens.

I am taking inspiration from the White garden, the black garden and the red garden — Each are so striking and full of interesting ideas.

Aeonium container garden byt about gardens via

Rills are fascianting me right now too.  I am contemplating how to easily incorporate one into my garden.  I am struggling with the idea of a rill in my little country setting.  In general it seems rather formal for my house….but this one, through the grass has me pondering my own possibilities.

Alchemist's garden rill by about gardens via

I am also loving the idea of curtains….just for the sake of curtains.  
Alchemist's garden white garden by about gardens via

As well as little black pots with pretty petunias held tall in metal stands.  Where can I buy those?

Alchemist's garden black garden by about gardens via

See more beautiful images of this wonderful garden over at About Gardens (and make sure you turn on Google translate so you can get some semblance of an idea about what is written).


images About Gardens


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