Modern Masters: Frederica (Fred) Lashey & The Unturned Stone

I haven’t added a modern master lately but I am always on the lookout and I think I found another one!  Let me introduce you to Frederica (Fred) Lashey.  For all my years in landscape I have yet to come across a woman who owns a landscape construction company, LET ALONE one that focuses on masonry AND one that is exceptional at what they do.  This is a true rarity that I am excited to share with you.

fred lashey unturned stone brick and stonework patio walkway

Fred started setting stone in 1988 as a volunteer on the Appalachian Trail  and after years of one thing leading to another she eventually started her own company called the Unturned Stone. It started small, but has grown to become renowned for its fine craftsmanship and ability to execute complex projects in remote locations.  Not only do they build trails (up and down the east coast) and stonescapes but Fred is sought after for her knowledge of sustainable trail design and construction as well as her expertise in winch and highline systems.

recycled countertop with stonework for patio walkway

The above patio is created with Hooper’s Creek quarried flagstone, mixed with pebbles and granite pawpaw leaves cut from reclaimed counter tops.

Her website is worth a visit if you want to learn more about creating beauty with stone.  There are some How To’s for things like grouting stone, and cutting stone as well as lots of inspiration.

stone garden bench with marbles built in to provide glimses of color.

This garden bench built by her colleague Marc Archambault as part of  Handmade in America and  Biltmore Farms Homes is so interesting to me.  He built into it over 70 colored marbles. They are tucked into the joinery and provide little glimmers of color that you notice the longer you examine the work. “I like to reward closer inspection,” he says. “My favorites are the ones you can see and touch and move around, but can’t get out of the wall.”

marbles in the stone wall garden bench fred lashey

Their most amazing project is a stone house that they are working on….I love the progress images and hope you enjoy the creation of this building too.

(Click through to see full size images) — All the images are from the unturned stone website and if you are interested in more information about Fred and her business you can find it there.

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Very nice work…thanks for posting!

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