Translucent Lightweight Concrete

March 4, 2009 | Materials + Tools

This took my breath away this morning.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  I found it over on The Pompomist.

Translucent concrete from Porjoel Sosa and Sergio Omar Galvan

It is made by Porjoel Sosa and Sergio Omar Galvan who are students at UAM in Mexico.  The material is 30% lighter but has the same strength, consistency and resistance as regular concrete, while allowing 80% light transmittance.  It comes in a variety of colors.

The inventors are patenting the product now, so hopefully it will be available soon.

If you speak Spanish, here is a you tube video about the product that you should check out…in fact it might be worthwhile to take a look even if you don’t (a picture speaks a thousand words in any language).  I love the black concrete they show in the video with the light behind it….so cool.

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That is awesome.

Please update the progress i.e how to obtain these, the price, the shipping, etc.

I envision pink highways and driveways. That is beautiful stuff.

I’ve got to have this product !
I can just imagine it paired up with a great LED lighting design.

I am struggling to find more details about actually buying this product…trust me…I am working on it…


The man in the video is neither of the two inventors.
If you do further research, you will realize that the true inventors are in their late twenties.
As well, I have seen translucent concrete and what comes out in the video looks like an imitation.

I need this so I can constantly monitor the state of my rebar.

When with this be available for purchase???

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