Garden Tour: A Wormtown Plant Haven

Posted by Rochelle
November 10, 2014 | New England, Regional Gardens

Gardens are inextricably linked to the people who tend them. It is a deep relationship, where one depends on the other. In every issue, we will take a tour of a garden with its creator and caretakers walking us through the stories and memories behind the plants, flowers, trees and unique features. In this issue we meet Matt Mattus and Joe Philip.

Matt Mattus and Joe Phillip Garden tour in PITH + VIGOR - image by Kelly Fitzsimmons
They are both passionate plantsmen and collectors, and Matt also tends a blog called Growing With Plants, where he regularly shares his knowledge and enthusiasm with thousands of followers. Their garden is full of treasures that are a delight to novice and avid gardeners alike.

Take the tour….



Purple Martin house Container Garden - Matt Mattus and Joe Phillip Garden tour in PITH + VIGOR - image by Kelly Fitzsimmons

“I’m usually embarrassed to show my garden to visitors, as it looks nothing like the images seen on my blog. But, over time I have realized that plant collectors have similar traits; we like a little of this and a lot of that. So, maybe it’s ok to have veggies, alpine troughs, dahlias, bulbs and topiary all in the same garden.”  – Matt Mattus

Glasshouse Garden - Matt Mattus and Joe Phillip Garden tour in PITH + VIGOR - image by Kelly Fitzsimmons

“We are fortunate that our Worcester home sits on a large piece of land with woods behind it, as our neighbors all have a quarter of an acre or less. I do love the ethnic mix that an old neighborhood brings. The house across the way houses a family from Italy, while next door, a Polish family who barely speaks any English often shares pigeon eggs with us.” – Matt Mattus

All images by Kelly Fitzsimmons

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Greenery is so abundant in their garden and that in itself is lovely. Such gardening space is great as it brings life not only to the home but also to people, especially those who live and see this place each and every day.

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