Inspired By: A Beautiful Bamboo Plant Container

August 5, 2008 | Accessories, Design, Regency

aluminum bamboo planter from inner gardens

It is so rare that garden containers make me take the little gasp of air that implies my immediate recognition of something special. Inner Gardens has a beautiful collection of antiques and a visit to their website is always inspiring but when I saw this planter I immediately imagined the glamorous space that would surround it. Take a look at the inspiration boards that we came up with.

Boudoir Pink Garden — I imagine a Girlie Spa – beach side…with my friends….sipping bellinis
Boudoir Pink Girlie Spa Garden inspiration board

Or another idea…a sleek sophisticated black and silver garden restaurant….beach side….with my friends…. sipping bellinis …..I think I need a vacation….
Restaurant garden - black and silver

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Nice work 🙂

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