Tara Gordon’s Symmagery

October 23, 2012 | Accessories, Landscape Photography

While researching another article this morning I came across the interesting photography of Tara Gordon.  She calls it Symmagery and it is really like a kaleidoscope version of beautiful garden shots.

She proposes using her work  in a wide variety of design settings, but my mind immediately went to phone case.   I would really have such a hard time deciding which pattern I would want on my case — and I think I might feel compelled to change it with the season.

I’m looking over at case-mate— and wondering if it might be possible to work one out ?  Do you love these?  Wouldn’t you want a whole collection?

images top: pine cones, middle: hemlock forest floor, bottom: cauliflower mushroom.  Others in gallery: Milkweed, Beach Grass, and Spring Oak Tree – all from Tara Gordon

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