A Beautiful Winter With An Artistic Garden Light

Posted by Rochelle
March 1, 2017 | Lighting

Do you feel the grip of winter loosing its hold?  I live in New England so I am not going to let myself start thinking (here at the beginning of March) that at least one more good snow isn’t still pending. But nonetheless, it is starting to feel like spring.

And the best part of this spring is that this past winter just didn’t feel too bad.  We’ve had cold and snow, but as we round the bend and slide into mud season, at least we aren’t all seriously talking about moving Florida.  Thankfully, this year hasn’t been as overwhelming as it can be.  Plus, I added something to garden that really helped me enjoy the cold dark season – a light.

Shadows of an artistic garden light on the winter snow

Not just any light – but one that is a piece of art.

RMI studios asked if they could send me one of their creative lights to check it out. I really don’t have a whole lot of lights in my garden so I thought, why not?  At the time, I was thinking it might be a great addition to summer evenings when we want to linger on the patio or around the fire. (and it will be)

Shadows of an artistic garden light on the winter snowRob, one of the creators, says that some galleries in Santa Fe, NM (one of my favorite western towns) have used and featured them – which happily makes me feel like I’m bringing a little bit of the western style to New England. I also love that it is a handmade piece that has the same rusted Corten steel finish of our fire feature. The two pieces together seem like maybe I might start to get a little bit of garden style story going on.  You know – as if I was a designer who purposely planned this sort of thing. 😉

What I didn’t expect is that it would transform the winter garden and the snow into something that I would enjoy looking at from the warmth of my kitchen. The patterns that it cast on the white were surprising – like a beautiful web – and they make me wonder what some of the other geometric patterns look like all lit up.

Cut metal garden light by RMI studios paints shadow images on the snow in the winter garden

And now that the snow is melting, I am looking forward to finding a more permanent summer home for this piece where we can continue to enjoy it in a different, warmer way.

RMI Studios is a new business and they are eager to create beautiful light designs for any garden.  You can get in touch with them through their website.


Disclosure: RMI gave me this light to see if I would like it and to get feedback on their product as they continue to evolve it and their business.  I liked it a lot – so I am sharing.  

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Rochelle – Your photos are stunning, but I need more info. The lighting fixture is beautiful, but how is it powered? Also I went to an RMI website which was about lighting but about maintenance services, not a line of lighting fixtures. Is there a different company?

This a standard low voltage landscape light – there is a link in the article – but here it is again – http://www.rmistudiosinc.com

Beautiful pics!

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