Street Glamour

This picture got me wondering…just what might this streetscape look like if the LA and Planners who were putting it together just went all out and indulged in some hard core pimped out street glamour.

chandelier street light

I know I am being a little bit silly with this, But it’s Monday morning – whatever.

The idea of chandelier street lights just got me thinking about what else the ‘glam street’ might have.   Perhaps a cherry red ‘tufted’ street bench?   Mirrored street planters filled with orchids?  (who’s being practical?)  What else should we add?  


orchids, tufted street bench and mirrored containers

Images: Tufted outdoor benches from J.Ruiter.  Mirrored planter from Notremonde, orchid image from Fairy Landscape and chandelier image from The Hidden List.  


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