A Favorite Gift – National Parks Checklist Map

Posted by Rochelle
January 3, 2016 | Art

I received lots of really nice gifts this year and I am so grateful for all of them.  But I am especially appreciative that my daughter has come to the age where she suddenly knows the difference between the type of gift that any mother will cherish from any child (that she birthed) and the type of gift that you really, really want.  This year she bought me a lipstick in a perfect color from Anthropologie…I rarely wear lipstick (though I once did)… and this small and perfect thing miraculously makes me feel more beautiful and youthful….I had no idea that one of the perks of having a daughter was that one day she might buy you a magical lipstick.

My other most favorite gift this year was a National Park checklist map poster from my oldest best friend.  national parks map with stickers

It also makes me feel all youthful….because, stickers. Obviously.  But chic stickers, that you put on it as you visit national parks across the country.  It is so beautifully designed that I am nervous to actually start working though our list of parks we have visited for fear that I might mess it up. I feel a little like I am ten again with my Trapper Keeper sticker collection; in fact I think I might need a special case for the extra stickers to be kept safe while we plan trips to all the places we haven’t been yet.

It didn’t come with one of those wooden hanging racks shown in the picture… (and it kind of needs ones) so I am on the lookout for something similar. (what is that thing even called?  I don’t know what to search for. Help!).

It is a beautiful gift for your favorite National Park loving friend who needs to keep track of her travels.  I promise, she will love it. You can get one from ElloThere on Etsy.

Tell me, what was your favorite holiday gift this year?  Anything magical?



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Daughters are the best! My daughter pretty well picks out all my gifts for my husband to gift me. Her taste is perfect. I got a magical silver ring by artist Ali Munn called Headed somewhere 🙂
I think those map hangers are called hanging rails? I found this if it helps to get you started 🙂 http://www.mapsales.com/info/wooden-rails.aspx

Thank you so much pati!! off to get those rails!

I love this review, our National Parks print has been on a lot of blogs over the years, but this is my favorite description of our map, and probably the only time I’ve written back to a blog. Good luck and I hope you visit lots of parks.

I love this review!

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