WISA Wood Hotel in Helsinki, Finland

I gasped when I saw this. To be honest, I wasn’t sure it was real – perhaps only a trick of rendering software. But no, this is (was) a real life hotel located in Helsinki.
WISA design Hotel in Helsinki Finland
Too bad I am a day late and dollar short. The building was a temporary installation that was removed in September 2009 but thankfully, the images live on and we can all still be inspired by them.   Designer Pieta-Linda Auttila created this building in Helinki Finland for a design competition where only wood from Finland could be used in the construction.  The goal was to create an iconic structure that would draw designers and artists.  I think she succeeded.

wisa design competition bent wood structure fire pit helsinki finland

What I am inspired by is the wavy wood and its use in the outdoor space as a trellis and an arbor.   It flows, and creates structure, but gives an element of enclosure.  It is such a different look for a trellis and arbor. It has me thinking about how you frame views and images in the garden through the use of structure.  Certainly this allows for gazing at the Helsinki Skyline but with horizontal lines running through. So different and interesting.

wisa design competition bent wood structure fire pit helsinki finland

Here is a brief description from the WISA website:

“The first thing that catches the eye is the atrium courtyard in the centre. The long curved pine boards half-covering the patio form a trellis that titillates the imagination. The trellis protects against the wind and filters the long rays of the Nordic sun into the courtyard. The charming interplay of light and shade can be observed throughout the day, as the bright morning light gradually turns into the red glow of the Northern midnight sun.”

Pieta-Linda Auttila also hopes to spark interest in wood and highlight its role in building and design with this structure.  It certainly works for me….what about you?

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LOVE IT! It has my mind working overtime, to come up with other uses in the garden for this type of application.

I really appreciate your blog, it motivates and stimulates my creative side, and allways so inspiring…all the wonderful companys and artist you blog about.

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