It Was Bitter Cold in NYC

Posted by Rochelle
February 16, 2016 | Garden Travel, Stories

I spent the weekend in New York City, a last-minute trip I planned on Friday after Kate, Anne-Marie and I finished up the last spreads for the Spring Issue.  I’ve been so consumed with that work, I gave no thought to the practicalities of 1 degree temps in the city.  With two kids.

Christopher Wool, “Untitled” (1990–91), enamel and graphite pencil on aluminum by rochelle greayer

It was a good trip – we spent Saturday night at the Whitney museum and afterwards literally ran across the street to a place I can not really recommend (Bubby’s – a nice enough vibe, but basically a warm shelter in a subzero wind tunnel with barely mediocre food – if you are the Whitney, or the end of the Highline, and it is not a subzero windstorm, I suggest moving on to pretty much any other place in the ‘hood, but here).

highline nyc at night by rochelle greayer

Sunday, I treated my little valentines to the matinée show of Matilda.  I had no expectation for how much I would enjoyed it.  But between the sets, the story, the costumes, the acting, the special effects and humor, it was the best Broadway or West End show I’ve ever seen.  If you love Broadway, go see this.

matilda at the schubert theater by rochelle greayer

But 1 degree temps did put a damper on my favorite thing to do in NYC – or any great city.  And that is to walk and wander, get lost and see what I find – until I literally can’t walk any more.  1 degree temps demand that you stay inside, that you linger longer than you want, and that you dive into places in desperation that you would otherwise pass on (hence, the not so great Bubby’s).  We left early, we couldn’t take it, and I am already longing to go back.

But all this reminds me of something I meant to tell you about a few weeks ago when I first discovered it. It is this TED talk by Daniel Quercia.  It is about optimizing our lives – and specifically the routes we choose to get from place to place.  I love his ideas for taking the time to choose a path that is more beautiful, or more quiet, or that serves our emotional and soulful needs more than our need to get somewhere 2 minutes faster.  Even better that he is a map scientist who has ideas to make more maps like this for all our lives.  I hope google gets a hold of him and adds his options to my beloved mapping app.   As soon as the weather warms, I want to check out his two different routes in Boston – even though I already know I will love the green one more.




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Oh!!! That new Whitney was on my to-do list this weekend too, but you know – Trade Secrets, and all. When Bunny calls…… I have always coveted the art of Chris Wool! Why does it still seem so relevant today? See you soon????

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