An Outer Banks Wedding

wedding flowers

After the arranging class last Wednesday, I had precisely 36 hours to cleanup, pack-up and hit the road.  (Hence my absence here).   I’m in North Carolina on the Outer Banks for a wedding that took place yesterday.   At the last minute my friend (the bride) called on me to whip up some flowers and I was able to throw these together from the remnants of our class (I love that kind of serendipity!).

These little arrangements (who in the picture are a little less than fresh after a long trip, a long day, and lots of love from little fingers) turned out to be perfect for all the little girls who walked the aisle (there were 7 of them including my daughter). They all loved to smell the sprig of lavender in each one and I like to think it might have helped calmed aisle-walking nerves.

The rest of it…grass seed heads from my Miscanthus Graziella, Wild Rose Hips, Privet Berries, and a little boxwood.  – rochelle

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