DIY: Easy Fabric Garden Planters

urban plant modulesI love coming across ideas that inspire new ideas.   These urban garden plant modules made simply from hoses, fiber-cloth and fertilized soil – and hooked up to downspouts – seem to me to have all the potential loop-de-loop design interest of a hose laid with flourish (and in my book – that is a lot).

fiber cloth urban planter

Seeing these, I suddenly have all sorts of ideas for draping these over and around things, creating instant labyrinths in the middle the shopping mall parking lots, and  planting extraordinary mixes of plants in the most preposterous of places.

Is this inspiring to you too?

Here are the directions for pulling this together.

urban planters

images from here.

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One Response to DIY: Easy Fabric Garden Planters

  1. LOL I can’t believe no one has commented on this idea. I love innovation and cheap ways to do very neat things! Gardening can be so challenging for our ‘asphalt friends’ and this is a cool way of approaching that problem.

    They are not going to be very movable, so you’d want to make sure you had them where you wanted them to stay. I like the path outline to the doorway. The only thing I am wondering about is how much dirt will seep out and make it look a bit messy. Any idea?

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