Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom’s trailer is such a ridiculous visual feast of a style that I simply adore.  And so much of it makes me long for summer garden days. I am watching it over and over because it sparks ideas literally every single second. I wish I had a full set of stills to study.

Oh and that music — sounds so much like the Chicha music that I fell in love with when we made the first Leaf Magazine video. Do you remember it?

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One Response to Moonrise Kingdom

  1. Love the attitude, this one I’ll write down so I can remember it’s coming! Thanks for the heads up.

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Weekend Things

Big week this week — I am still recovering from the final push of getting Leaf Magazine live.  Hopefully the weekend will provide the respite and recharging I am craving.  What are you up to?  I hope you will enjoy a few of these links.   I tried making gloves once….the thumbs came out too small….maybe this…

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Coney Island Garden Benches

I found this on Garden Design online this morning. I love items that are pieces of something else.  To me they carry so much of the spirit of the  place they originated.   I once was told by a sales person in a very fashionable store in Notting Hill that the shelves for sale, which were…