Spring Cleaning: 5 Garden Chores You Can Do In 15 Minutes

I have a big garden so I am frequently overwhelmed by it.  But I reminded myself recently just how much can be done in tiny spurts of time. (I re-seeded my front lawn in the time it took my kindergartner to get his shoes on and get in the car to go to school).   It had me thinking….what else can I do in mere minutes.

Here are 5 more ideas (besides re-seeding and over-seeding grassy ares) that you can do very quickly.

lavender bouquet

1) Clean out a container, a raised bed, or anything you didn’t quite get to last year.  It’s all dead it comes away with the quickest of swipes.  Leave your garden gloves by the door so you are ready to go and you won’t have to wash up afterwards.

2) Turn the compost heap — I like to do this when I am just back from a walk with the dog, or yoga…I am already needing a little shower, I am all warmed up — why not add 5 more minutes of physical exercise.

3) Prune something — pick the thing that most recently finished blooming, odds are it is a good time to prune it.

4) Pick a Bouquet — You know whatever is blooming….

5) Clean the ashes out of the firepit or fire bowl….and if you only have a grill….clean the grill.  It will be ready for the next time you want to use it.

Anyone else have a quickie to share?

image from threads and snippets


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2 Responses to Spring Cleaning: 5 Garden Chores You Can Do In 15 Minutes

  1. Pull a handfull of weeds on the way to taking out to the garbage. Gotta wash hands when back inside anyway…

    Love this post as just those little 5 minutes helps us reconnect with our precious outdoor living spaces that provide us so much!

  2. That was mine too Annie, my mom can always be spotted pulling weeds in the driveway while chatting with neighbors. I like sweeping, it does a lot for my moral seeing the space in the deck or stoop. :-) Thanks for this post! It is the story of my life, 5 minutes for everything, every day.

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