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December 16, 2011 | Blogger of the Week

holiday garden bells

Here we go a Wassailing! (or  shopping or whatever other last minute holiday activties you have lined up!) – Here are few links to carry you over til monday in case you actually have a few spare moments!

~ Without snow and in the dark of winter, these could actually come in handy!

Garden Fashion.  I love when the two collide.

~ I think a crazy sunken TV pit could be quite cozy this time of year.

Paper Flowers with a watercolor flair.

~ I want to be neighbors with Santa.


I also write for Apartment Therapy check out this week with The Gardenist (that’s me!):

Holiday Decor from Garden Implements

also last week –

Holiday Decor From Garden Findings

I hope you have a beautiful holiday season weekend!

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