A Rose Named Julia

Posted by Rochelle
March 11, 2016 | Florals

Julia child and lorenzo dall'arma by victoria pearson in the spring 2016 issue of www.pithandvigor.com In 1998, when Danielle Hahn and her husband, Bill, decided to become rose growers on their 15-acre property in Carpinteria, CA, the endeavor was always more than just about farming. It was a decision to make a life that would always put friends, family and the most beautiful fragrant roses at the core of their livelihood.

Their property, Rose Story Farm, is nestled between hills that are now covered in more than 25,000 rose bushes and has views of the Pacific Ocean. It is named for the fact that everyone has a story about roses and the Hahn’s welcome visitors to share their love of roses and how they intertwine with life’s tales. A visit is an enchanting experience.

Walking through the rose fields at rose story farm.

After following Danielle Hahn around the property while she tells you wonderfully, intimate plant details and constantly snips huge roses (handing them to you until your arms are literally filled with so many intoxicating blossoms you don’t know what to do!), you can stay in one of the rental cottages or, at the very least, enjoy a casual drink and a piece of her mother’s famous lemon rose cake. You can’t help but feel like a special guest having been invited into their romantic world of roses and a lifestyle of beautiful California weather, good friends and good food.

It was during my own visit to the farm in early 2014 that I heard the story of Danielle’s family and their long friendship with Julia Child and how the Julia Child Rose came to be. It is a sweet story that I loved telling.

Read the full story on page 6 of the spring issue….



Julia Child and Lorenzo Dall’arma at Rose Story Farm in 2004 by Victoria Pearson.

Danielle Hahn and Greayer Family at Rose Story Farm January 2014 by Kasey Cronquist. 

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