50 Natives: Wisconsin: Liatris Spicata – Prairie Gay Feather

May 11, 2010 | 50 Natives, Plants

1. Blazing Star, 2. Liatris spicata, 3. liatris, 4. Liatris pychostachya PRAIRIE BLAZING STAR

Though I have been unlucky growing this in my own garden (apparently it is a rare delicacy, voraciously enjoyed by New England woodchucks) I successfully put Liatris spicata in many of my clients gardens.  This native to much of the Eastern US is an easy plant.  It is a terrific choice for people who aren’t going to dote on it.    My recommendations, group it together (at least 3 plants, maybe even 5 or 7) and create a focal point.  The tall spikes are great for cutting and the grassy foliage goes well in a modern prairie or cottage style garden.

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I have got sown the white variety in my terrace…
it’s a new entry in my garden-life!!
lovely liatris
ciao dana

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