Before & After: Elke’s Greenhouse Teardown

July 1, 2010 | Before and After, Plants

before and after garden greenhosue teardown fence

I love a transformation such as this.  Just the visual improvement of tearing out of the shabby stuff alone usually provides enough improvement satisfaction to keep the DIY energy going.

before and after garden greenhouse teardown fence

The Black stained fence is really beautiful and I am sure will make plants shine in all their glory.  Have I mentioned the disapproval I am getting from my local Ben Moore guy for staining my house the closest shade of brown that there is to black?  I am not sure why…I have a cottage house in the woods and besides a more modern installation such as this, I can’t think of a better color.  I think there is a huge place for black in the garden and outdoor design world.  Do you agree?

before and after garden greenhouse teardown fence

before and after garden greenhouse teardown fence

You can find a few more images of Elke’s Makeover at her site Botanus.

BTW, while at Elke’s site, I discovered a new plant – Eucomis bi-color. I am wondering if it would be possible to pull off a beautiful pot like her mother did here in zone 5/6.  Aren’t those speckled stems just amazing?
eucomis bicolor

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The Ben Moore guy hates your color choice because a dark color like that requires him to pump a LOT of pigment into the can of base paint, thus lowering his profit. They would much prefer that everyone buy pastel base and they can just put a teaspoon of yellow orcher in.

It looks beautiful!!! Was the black a semi or solid stain??

What color number or name is your fence.. Stain or

I love it and your right the plants look assume against it I never would have thought of black. Beautiful.

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