A Secret Project – Can You Help?

May 28, 2014 | Trees

926428_636568936432393_784196391_nAUGUST UPDATE:  I can tell you a bit more – This has to do with the Launch of PITH + VIGOR.  Your  tree drawing (along with the other submissions) will be used to create something beautiful for the our launch.  We hope you will join in this fun community art event!

Hey! – I need some help with a project.

It is secret, but I can tell you this….it will be big, it will be beautiful, lots of people will see it and and it will be very, very cool.  I can also tell you that I will eventually reveal what this is all about (a few months from now).

So do you want to be part of a big, beautiful, wide-spead, cool thing?

I need you send in pictures of trees (illustrative not photographic).  You can take a picture of your drawing and instagram it (if you do this tag it with #studiogtree) or you can send  your drawing (or painting or sketch or doodle or whatever medium you choose) via email to me at rochellegreayer@gmail.com with the word studiogtree in the subject.

Let’s see your rendition of your favorite tree in your favorite season, or maybe its just the tree right outside your window, or the tree you just planted….whatever it is lets see it.

All the submissions that come in before June 15th will be shared here with links back to your site, but some of them will additionally be used in that other big, beautiful, wide-spread, cool secret project.


x – Rochelle



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