Foraged Flowers From New England Coastal Farmland

Posted by Rochelle
October 29, 2014 | Florals, Issue No. 1, New England

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DATE: September 13, 2014
TIME: 53 Minutes
DISTANCE: 43 Miles

TERRAIN: New England Coastal Farmland (Dartmouth, MA)

Soft early fall light draws me outside; the leaves are just starting to change and the landscape is shifting toward a warmer hue. I drive to the sea via the farm foothills and I am greeted by a big sky. Pops of yellow and rust tones appear in my peripheral field of vision. Overgrown thickets of roadside flowers, unruly vines on stone walls and bright orange beach plums catch my attention and give me a reason to pull over and collect a snippet of two.
A salty warm breeze tussles feathery grass heads and the sweet smell of Rosa rugosa and Bayberry drift down from the dunes and linger in the air.
The spirit of summer hangs on another day.
I briefly stop here and there to collect the beauty that catches my eye — little artifacts of a moment in time.
This is the narrative of the seasonal landscape. This is the story of my bouquet.
New England Coastal Farmland bouquet / By Roanne Robbins for PITH + VIGOR

Words and Photography by Roanne Robbins

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