1348854632_a9abe4acbf_bHow are you all today?   I am very sad and I have to admit – a bit shaken. I had a minor – but not non-existent – panic attack when I dropped off my 1st grader and 4th-grader at school this morning.  I hope that is normal and I hope it passes with time.  This is all too close to home and just all around upsetting.   How are you coping?

I am still a bit lost for what to say or do, but have opted to try and ditch my ‘what if’ thoughts by burying myself in work and writing (after all I do have a book and a magazine to create!).

So this morning I put together  a post about creating a chic garden for the Garden Designer’s Round Table (which will go up later today) – I tried to write it in a way that would imply I am not feeling very heavy hearted, but between you and me — I really am.  I hope it doesn’t seem a little off — and if it does, I guess it is because I am a little off.

image of morning light on Appalachian trail from learn nc

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