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The Petrified Carpet collection by Studio ossidiana - concrete garden art.

Sight Unseen has a great writeup about Dutch Design Week (October 21-29, 2016). There were many interesting items, but a couple caught my eye.  Created by Studio Ossidiana, these concrete pieces are really special. I love how they elevated this simple material to become beautiful art objects. The first thing that caught my eye was this ombre...

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04 12 2016| Plants

Noticing yesterday that the tips of daffodils and spring bulbs are just beginning to poke through the ground, the branches of the willows have yellowed and the forsythia stems have swollen its obvious that the fresh yellows of spring are on their way.  But a lesser known and even earlier...

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Kitchen Countertop herb garden bonsai planting recipe. How To DIY.
01 12 2016| Container Gardens

As most of my gardening attention shifts to houseplants and things I can grow inside, I wanted to share one of my favorite container gardens.  It is a countertop bonsai garden made with herbs that I created last year for the Summer 2015 Issue of PITH + VIGOR. The stems of...

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I spotted Phillip Nixon’s Garden in Apartment Therapy last week when they referred to it as an “Indiana Jones Oasis”.  (oddly, IMO, because nothing about this makes me think of Indian Jones – is it just me?). The home and garden was inspired by Morocco but it lives in Venice Beach,...

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Asters, Helianthus, grasses and hydrangeas combine for a beautiful fall garden - Austrian Garden Tour
23 11 2016| Austria, Naturalistic

My plants have just about passed on for the season.  The last of the leaves are strew across the lawn with only a couple still hanging on.  I rarely feel sad about this as I cherish the fertile darkness that is the back drop to the holiday season.  But it...

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OsterGRO urban rooftop farm in Denmark

The simple fact that such a bounty can come from a pile of dirt on top a building inspires me to no end. Gardening is most certainly a science and a chore and a thing that with practice, experience and knowledge you can get a lot better at.  But it...

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