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03 11 2016| Art, Stories

I’m on a word diet.  It’s just like Atkins, but instead of eating steaks slathered in butter, I have to string together two thousand five hundred original words a day, for 30 days.  I’m purging all inhibitions, negative thoughts, procrastination tactics, and lame excuses. At the age of 43 I’ve...

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White house kitchen Garden Michelle Obama - Show me a movement -
01 11 2016| Edibles, Family Gardens

I am very excited to welcome a guest here today. Linda Bilsens is the Community Composting Manager at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and earlier this year, Michelle Obama paid a surprise visit to her garden.  (I. Would. Die. – And I’d need weeks to prepare!).  Linda wrote this in response to her...

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Urbana illinois bat house project

So everyone knows that we need to save the bees.  And pollinators too.  But what are all the pollinators? Well, the list is long and it does include lots of butterflies but it also includes bats. Bats are fascinating. To watch their jagged flight patterns as they dart and dive...

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Re-planting the Christmas Cactus with Method Hand Soap by rochelle greayer
12 10 2016| Houseplants, method

My christmas cactus is kind of disgusting. Many years ago, I had this (less than) genius idea to plant my cactus in a clear glass vase.  I thought that the layers of rocks at the bottom with soil on top, permeated by the roots would be some sort of beautiful...

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@doyoutravel in montserrat spain
11 10 2016| Gardens To Visit, Spain

I spent a week in Barcelona this summer and now I have a new top five favorite European cities list.  It now goes like this – Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, London, Barcelona.  Rome fell (to number 6). I had no expectation to love it as I did. I’ve been to Spain a...

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Direvilla Kodiak Orange by Rochelle Greayer

It goes with the territory that get to try out lots of new plants.  Most are nice – but if they can’t pass muster then they don’t stand a chance of getting a write up here. Definition of Passing Muster: They have to survive and thrive without any special care, which might not...

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