After Labor Day Whites

Limelight hydrangea by rochelle greayer
As you know — I love to tie garden design to other design practices…particularly fashion.  I had a little thought as I was driving through the country yesterday — gardens don’t follow the fashion rule about not wearing white after labor day. Plants don’t care about those rules and they just do what they want.

I tend to ignore these rules too (as I sit here typing in my favorite pair of white jeans) – so I thought I would share some great white blooming plants that come out and do thier thing after labor day.

What is blooming white in your garden — shockingly — after labor day?

images by rochelle greayer 

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2 Responses to After Labor Day Whites

  1. I agree Nancy — not sure I would have called it my favorite before my current garden but between the shade lightening qualities, and the crispness that it offers against the backdrop of pine trees…white is definitely my favorite too.

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