Grow Your Own Halloween Glow In the Dark Mushrooms

After a summer that was swept away with book deadlines, I’m trying to embrace the joys of the fall season as much as possible.  It is my favorite time of year and so I am trying to fill it with new projects to refresh my depleted creativity.

glow int he dark halloween mushrooms via
Unfortunately I think I am a couple of weeks late on getting my own halloween crop of foxfire started in time for later this month  — but I am nonetheless totally blown away by glow in the dark mushrooms.

Wouldn’t it be fun to decorate with lots of logs inoculated with these guys (Panellus stipticus)?

glow in the dark grow your own mushrooms via
You can buy pre-inocualted logs from Forest Organics on ebay.

Animated .gif image of flash-lighted mushrooms found via wikipedia is in the Public Domain.


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One Response to Grow Your Own Halloween Glow In the Dark Mushrooms

  1. Oh, YES! I’ve been looking for a source of bioluminescent mushrooms/spawn! Now to scurry off to see if these are hardy here- I want to line my paths with them!

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