It’s a busy day (so much to do before the kids are out of school in less than a week! Gah!)

water dogs english bull terrier golden retriever in pond
But I nonetheless let myself get completely distracted with instagram this morning.  It has taken me months to play with the app that I downloaded ages ago, but finally I did….and I am now totally addicted.   Check out some of my pics…  (that’s my puppy, zippy in the pond with his friend rosie)  and below are unripe blueberries in my garden (that aren’t quite ready and for whom I need to buy a bird net before its too late).

unready blueberries

Anyway, I have hooked up my instagram feed to the studio’g’ facebook page.  If you care to, maybe you want to like studio ‘g’.  Then you can see my instagram stuff right on facebook.  Or if you are a instagram user, follow me….I’m rgreayer.  I would love to follow you too so leave a comment with your user name and I will follow you as well.


BTW….Where else am I?….well twitter (but infrequently), Pinterest (like totally still addicted) and Leaf Magazine (another issue is coming out later this month…whopee!)….Join in, I look forward to seeing you around.

2 Responses to Join Me Elsewhere?

  1. Love the carrot artwork!! if I had to decide, would pick third from left on top row, because i love the ferny tops of carrots and how you have used them as art.

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