Before & After Garden: A Brazilian Extravaganza #5

before and after garden patio makeover pink

before and after garden patio makeover pink

Besides the refreshing pink, I am noticing a couple of great details here….

1) The construction of the pergola –  A typical pergola uses a 4×4, a pillar, or something with even greater girth.  Generally (IMO) the bigger the better, but also as size goes up so does cost.  Looking at this, I see something along the lines of a 2×6 sandwiching the horizontal bar (which also appears to be a 2×6 ) which gives a much more substantial feel (overall, the sense of a 6 x6) at a significantly cheaper cost and easier to put together.

2) I sense the tendency of many designers (myself included) is to tie together the decks particularly when one has a hot-tub in it.  But this seperation is appealing to me, and I quite like the strip of green down the middle of the garden.  I am sure that there is an argument for small feet tracking grass into the tub….but this way the decks aren’t overbearing and it all seems rather cozy — I think I would get a small cleaning net and be ok with the grassy feet problem.

3) This mural is reminding me of Nuria Mora.

4) Bringing colors together generally involves matching cushions and fabric, perhaps plants, and maybe paint or furniture…..but never by matching pool coping and hammocks….smart — and I think this works well.

before and after garden makeover

before and after garden makeover

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