Introducing the Garden Designers Roundtable (& Leaf Magnets)

You may have noticed that new badge over on the right — it is for a new and exciting blogging adventure that I am involved with.  The Garden Designers Roundtable (GRDT) is a group of 20 Landscape Designers who also maintain blogs on the subject.  We have banded together to hopefully bring you a regular dose of garden inspiration from around the country (+ England) and the blogoshere.   Our schedule of topics is varied and interesting and each month about half of us will be tackling the topic.  I happen to be officially sitting this month (our first) out….but all the other posts are going live today.  Here is the line up all around the topic of foliage.

If you are interested in following our group more closely, you can become a fan of our facebook page and even participate in deciding what some of our upcoming subjects will be. We all hope you will find our roundtable useful and interesting.

And speaking of foliage…(this is my homage to foliage in honor of today’s Garden Designers Roundtable kick off)…I came across these awesome Leaf Magnets by Richard Hutton today— they are plastic (hopefully recycled?!?) and I have already emailed the company responsible for making them to see if I can get my hands on a few sets (they don’t seem readily available)….I am hoping I can turn my ugly black filing cabinet next to my desk into an interesting  indoor bush….maybe in late september…I can slowly introduce a few yellows and reds in honor of the season….

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One Response to Introducing the Garden Designers Roundtable (& Leaf Magnets)

  1. These are terrific! I think I need some for my fridge — it’ll make me feel better whenever I kill a houseplant. (Though, fingers crossed, we’re doing remarkably well this winter.)

    I’ll be looking forward to your Roundtable contributions!

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