Inspired by Norway

If you have hung around here for any amount of time, you know I am obsessed with inspiration…I love seeing where a creative idea came from and the process by which designers and other artists translate their inspiration into art.

norwegian flag creativity competition

So when Norway your Way  got in touch with me about helping promote a contest for designers I was happy to help.   Unfortunately (or fortunately – depending on where you live) this one is only open to residents of the UK, France, Russia, Germany, or Italy to participate.  (Becky gave me the inside scoop that they might be running this a second time after this first round and open it up to Americans and Canadians – I will let you know if that happens).   I think the prize is well worth the effort.

flowers in Svolvaer

So here is the skinny, Norway is looking for creative types to create something inspired by Norway.  Something can be anything, film, poetry, photography, writing, music, original art of any sort (a garden perhaps?) — let your creative soul sing…

The more entries the better chance of winning, and the prize?  Five will be chosen and given an adventure and culture packed trip to Norway (one from each country) where they will be expected to blog, tweet, and share by whatever social media you use, your fabulous experience.   It’s a no loose — get creative, win a trip, combine creativity with travel.

Vetti Gard in the Utladalen Valley

Have you been to Norway?  I have, a few times (I even worked there briefly in my former geek life).  It is an easy place to be inspired by.  The natural beauty, and northern light is  breathtaking….(I simply must share my favorite picture of me in Norway – they have really fast ferries).

R. Greayer on ferry in norway fjord

Norway your way contest is open until July 19th 2010.  All the details and how to enter are here. and one more thing….this has a voting element — where friends and family have to ‘like’ your upload, so if you decide to enter — feel free to email me and I will share your entry here so we can all go and ‘like’ it.

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  1. It’s fun to come across post like this! I didn’t realize that you had a connection with Norway. Please let me know if they ever do this again and let Americans apply! I’ll be ready.

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