DIY: Macrame Garden Chairs

As a kid, I remember my parents frequently had an ‘in progress’ project hanging from the second floor landing down our open staircase.  Macrame was hot and everyone was doing it.  Shelves, plant hangers, whatever…it was the 70’s and they (my parents) were pretty good at it.

macrame garden chair

While I remain generally repulsed by the vibrant baby blue concoction that hung in my childhood bedroom, (It perfectly matched my butterfly wallpaper), I am still drawn to the earthy simply vibe of modern macrame like the plant hanger I bought a couple summers ago.

It is also relatively easy to do and with a good eye for design can be taken from tacky 70’s to retro hot.  Are you ready for some cool DIY Macrame Garden furniture inspiration?  I am.  Here you go.

macrame garden chair makeover

This sophisticated macrame before (wicker caning) and after (macrame) is such a perfect solution to what could have been an expensive rehab (yes, I recently priced out repairing wicker caning for an antique chair that I inherited. ack!) .

macrame garden chair

The full set of directions for achieving this particular design can be found at Cut Out and Keep.

There are many interesting ideas and free patterns available.  Supplies and instructions are available online from suppliers such as:  Macrame SuperstoreKings KountryA+ RedemptionPatio Furniture Rehab, and DJ Patio and Furniture repair .

macrame garden chair

image from DJ Patio and Furniture repair.

Click through the gallery for more inspiration.

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4 Responses to DIY: Macrame Garden Chairs

  1. amanda – Is that a bad thing?
    Also, you and I might have done it at 9, but as you will soon learn – ‘kids these days’…..they are doing everything earlier – I just made a whole mess of those pot holders the other day with my daughter right before she turned 8. sigh.

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