Things are Going To Be Messed Up

December 2, 2014 | Uncategorized

UPDATE: You can see it is taking shape — hope you like it so far….still working….but getting there!!

A serious change up is in order around here and while it is happening, things are going to be a little off.

I tend to do these things myself (I just like to have my fingers all over it way too much).  But it isn’t easy and the added frustration of trying to set up a test environment that I later have to try and successfully move over to the live site takes just that much more brain power and time (and frustration kills productivity and creativity).  So it isn’t going to happen.

Changes are being made live and it is highly likely over the next couple weeks that you will come here and things will messed up.  I hope it doesn’t frustrate you, but rather, encourages you to come back again and see what new thing I’ve re-arranged, re-worked, and meddled with.

It is all part of the process to make this a new fresh place that re-inspires me – and hopefully you too.

Happy Holidays – Rochelle

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