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Blog(s) of the week (Two Europeans for you)


Happy Firday! I have the most busy day and weekend ahead of me, so I am not sure I will be back for another post today. Instead I will make this one big fat one with lots of links to intereesting and inspiring places and in case I am not back, we can call it good.
I have two places that I love to stop in at for a taste of European Garden Inspiration. Both of these sites provide images with endless inspiration. Here are some of the best things that I found at each over the last few weeks.
First is French blogger Delphine of Paradis Express….

What inspires me in each of these gardens?…?

landscaped-gardens-1024x683Stone and Wood Pillars….big plants…even bigger vases

outdoor kitchen garden modern stainless steel orange

Outdoor Kitchen.  Orange and stainless steel, nice.  Simple yellow lanterns with simple yellow flowers.

hay bales for the garden furniture

Budget hay bales for seating seems very ‘of the moment’.  Love the straw on straw color scheme.  Very sophisticated rustic.  I guess poly-tunnels can look kinda pretty.

night garden party design inspiration ponk candles curtains

Reminds me of Tivoli Gardens.  Glamorous draping, girlie pink color, and twinkle lights.  I want to have an evening with friends in that tent.

fermob garden chair kissing angels

Charming chair from Fermob.
All above images from paradis epress.

and the second is lovely Italian Dana of Dana Garden Design

basket garden for balcony lettuce

Such a nice option for balcony kitchen gardens….use baskets.

willow tree art drawing

I have a big blank wall over my sofa that I am building up the courage to paint something for myself.   But now I see this and think this would be lovely to try.  Weeping Willows are one of my sentimental favorites.  www.timknowles.co.uk

water rill in garden

via marieclairemaison. I love that this rill is not all modern and slick. Rather aged, but still so interesting and would provide endless hours of entertainment for little people.

banksy graffiti watercan girl garden art

Street art and graffiti at it’s finest.  Such a conflicting practice…Shepard Fairey was recently arrested in Boston and somehow the event also managed to drag in issues between Mayor Menino and the Boston Police.  I really enjoy watching Boston politics and controversial artists.

I think this is beautiful, but I also understand that a property owner might not want to play host to this art.    I guess if it weren’t subversive it wouldn’t have such an attraction.  From banksy.co.uk.

german public green art crossword puzzle franco german words slang
A temporary Installation on Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany created by MSK7.  I don’t totally get the cultural meaning behind it but it has something to do with Germans adopting French words.   I think I just like the way the existing paving pattern was looked at in a new way and transformed into a giant crossword puzzle.

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  1. Love this post. it is poetic and refreshing. I enjoy seeing how people are engaging with environmental elements in new ways!

  2. Heather says:

    Wow! These were really cool photos! i love the weeping willow painting…what an innovative idea! You don’t realize…but you’ve inspired me to tackle my garden! I’ll send photos and you can let me know how I did!

  3. louise garwood says:

    Check out the exhuberant trailing nasturtiums in this article!
    Isabella Stewart Gardners interior courtyard is full of inspiration- thanks to Patrick Chasse’s well researched and creative spirit.

    I love the rill- lovely and simple water management and play potential.
    thanks rochelle

  4. The installation at Gendarmenmarkt is amazing. It must be meant to be viewed from high inside the building. Very creative!

    Tricia – Avolli

  5. louise garwood says:

    Spring is full on Kitchen Gardeners!

    Great Tomato Plant Givaway this weekend in Sturbridge 10-2. Come get free tomato plants, hear some great local musicians and meet some of Quaboag Valleys farm marketeers ( Is that like Musketeers?) Yes!
    Even the Sturbridge Village sheep will be there.
    Lets Get Growing!

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