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Garden Destination: Zetas Tradgard – Stockholm, Sweden

February 24, 2010

I am wishing that garden centers local to me had a bit more to offer.  It seems to me that there is a strong garden lifestyle trend that would likely support garden centers that are a bit more like the beautiful Zetas in Stockholm Sweden.

zetas tradgard garden stockholm sweden

It’s a garden center with a cafe serving beautiful local food and coffee, established in-ground gardens to revel in, style, and ambiance, ambiance, ambiance.

zetas tradgard garden center in stockholm sweden

Image from Lantliv.

zetas tradgard garden center stockholm sweden

Image from tidsmastarinnan.

Victoria Skoglund and her husband own and operate Zeta gardens in southern Stockholm, Sweden.   It is a destination garden center full of interesting ideas and products and seems nice to visit even if just for a grand day out.   I haven’t been to Terrian yet, but I think it is in the same vein as Zeta’s and I am excited to see that perhaps garden retailers are recognizing that they need to be a bit more style trendy and that spaces filled with plants and glorious greenery, attractively displayed, are actually quite valuable.  People want to be in these types of places, so while they are hanging around, give them a reason to hang around a bit longer and serve them some food or a nice drink they can carry with them as they explore.

 zetas tradgarden garden center in stockholm sweden

image by erik boralv

I find it interesting too that such a place exists in Sweden.  I have been to Sweden and there are two things I can tell you….they have enormous and vicious mosquitos and as we all know – it is a place of long winters and short growing seasons.   These are two common complaints I hear from clients when they are considering spending money on an outdoor living area.  New Englanders simply do not lead the outdoor living lifestyle I grew up with in Denver and the #1 reason is bugs, seconded by comfort of being in the garden (it can be quite humid).   New Englanders seem to prefer screened porches (often precariously and hideously tacked on to the sides of otherwise beautiful homes).  I personally find it frustrating so I am inspired by Zeta’s take on the subject.  They look at popular vacation places like Italy and France and have the same lament….so what do they advocate for recreating the outdoor living garden experience in somewhat garden hostile Sweden?

zetas tradgard garden stockholm sweden

1. Lanthorns, pots and urns, 2. Odd couple at the market garden, 3. Interesting mixture, 4. All wood

…To build shelters and partition the garden into rooms.  It is one of the best ways to extend the season. Building walls inside the garden create better micro-climates that can allow users to control the environment.   A simple fan in a more confined place can provide just enough air movement to keep things cool and fresh and divert pesky bugs away (mosquitos don’t like even the slightest wind).  Walls and simple shelters can create a lot of ambiance and I think this is what is a good garden is all about…..

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  1. Helen says:

    This garden centre looks so inviting. I do love the lounge. Must agree that mosquitoes are a great deterrent to sitting outside and I’m always thankful that here in Victoria BC we hardly have any to mar the evening dinner and bocci parties. Just nasty wasps during the day.

  2. There is a destination garden center and organic perennial nursery that is a little closer to you, although it’s in Canada. My husband and I own and operate Plant Paradise Country Gardens located on 24 rolling acres, surrounded by trees in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. It’s a unique garden centre that offers extensive display gardens of continuous bloom, gourmet lunches and inspiration. A gardener’s oasis.

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