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Blogs I Like: April 2010

Ahhh Sunday morning you are finally here…it has been quite a week and I am ready to enjoy you and your friends, sunday afternoon and sunday evening…..

I am playing a little bit of catchup from last week (I am so sorry for not being able to post on Friday) — it was the last day of the month and time for a new list of Blogs I Like (April 2010)

So this is what I’m into right now…

Junk2Funk is where Shana and John from Florida collect cool vintage finds (lots of them for the garden) and offer them for sale – blog style.  I am trying hard not to part with too many of my hard earned dollars.

I have long been a fan of  Velveteen Mind and Megan in Gulfport, Mississippi.  She is a beautiful writer and I am rooting for her to get a book deal someday — it would be something I would enjoy reading.  Today she brought me to tears with her writing about the nervous anticipation she and her neighbors have on the gulf coast.  A sense of impending doom as a horrific oil slick approaches the shore.  Ugh…I am so sick about the whole thing, it is hard to write about it and I appreciate her ability to be eloquent in this time.

simply flowers

Abby in Southern California is a talented photographer and gardener.  This beautiful blog is a lovely conglomeration of beautiful images from southern California gardens and garden tips lovingly passed through her from her own garden mentor of a previous generation.

mod frugal

ModFruGal lives in Nashville and is renovating a very 7o’s home.  If you are feeling lazy — don’t bother clicking over there – I am planning to share some of the terrific, but frugal, mod renovations they are making to transform this pad to totally groovy.

dana garden design

I have a little collection of “can’t live without” garden design blogs from foreign countries.  It includes Dana in Italy and Delphine in France who are like soul mates who speak other languages.  But we all seem to have an eye for the same but from our individually different places — we all love to celebrate garden design.  They are a source of constant inspiration for me and as I build studio ‘g’ I frequently think of them specifically and hope that I can inspire them as much as they inspire me.

paradis express


And add to that collection, Vulgare, the creation of Oliver and Thomas — I am not sure where they write from, but I can assure you it is not from around here….(Boston) – and it is always interesting.

Even thought I have never asked Deb officially, I kind of think of her as a mentor.   She has been designing gardens and been a business woman for a lot longer than I, and her blog, Dirt Simple, is so full of wisdom about running her business, designing and building gardens and really just life itself.

growing in greenhouses

Do you have a greenhouse?  Yeah, me neither, but I dream….and it doesn’t seem to matter because I still find Lila Das Gupta’s Blog for Hartley botanical to be very engaging.

kiss my aster

I know, I know – Amanda moved Kiss my Aster to Horticulture magazine and her banner is a little different now….but I like the old school version better…and it’s my blog, so I can kinda do what I want.

garden smackdown

I had the opportunity to meet up and hang with Andrew of Garden Smackdown, a couple times last week.  Amanda joined us too and I couldn’t be happier that I had that opportunity.  They both possess wit, both in writing and in person, that I can only dream of.  We met, we broke bread, we drank beer, we hugged in a parking lot….they have now officially moved from the realm of strange online acquaintances-pseudo-friends to real life friends and respected colleagues.

Have a good Sunday — until tomorrow…

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for this roundup… I discovered several new blogs and subscribed to them!

  2. Delphine says:

    My dear Rochelle,
    Merci for your kind words. I feel the same for your blog : can’t live without !
    Thank you to make us discover so many gorgeous places in the world …

  3. dana says:

    ciao Rochelle
    for me it’s the same…I LOVE your blog..daily ispiration.

  4. Great selection of blogs. Love Simply Flowers.

  5. Andrew says:

    What everyone else said that I’m just now getting a chance to say (Thank you for such kind words!) but also YES, I SO enjoyed the opportunity to hang out last week! We really should get together more often.

    “We hugged in a parking lot” — is there really any better definition of “yeah, we’re friends now”? I think not. Looking forward to next weekend, I think it’s going to be an absolute blast!

  6. It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for meeting up and spreading your awesomeness… Can’t wait to share that project you’ve inspired me to start. I think it’ll be ready in 2012… hahahahaha

  7. Thanks for this selection! I didnt know them all… Inspiration is fun.
    Hej from Sweden

  8. ModFruGal says:

    Thanks for the shout-out…I’m enjoying your blog too!

  9. Thanks for the support!! You rock!!

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