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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.



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In The Garden With: Susan Cohan of Miss Rumphius’ Rules

Hello everyone. Today begins a two week series on Studio ‘g’, My Favorite Things, where you will find several guests who will share with you their favorite gardening items, what inspires them, and their best advice ever (either given or received).    Along with this series, I’ll be popping in from time to time to say hello but my intent is to mostly log off until August 9th.   I have lots of stuff lined up to take my place here though so do not despair, Studio ‘g’ will be well manned by my friends who will fill our heads with lots of great design and garden inspiration.   Hey you might not even notice I am gone 😉dry garden by susan cohan design

So without out delay, I introduce you to Susan Cohan, a fellow landscape designer whose blog Miss Rumphius’ Rules is a good read for the landscape design obsessed. Susan designs garden in garden state. I asked each of my guests to tell me a few little known things about themselves that I could use to make an introduction. Mostly I am finding that the stories that came from this question are better in their own words…here is what Susan said:
“My first garden was a 10 foot diameter circle by the mailbox. I had to haul water up the driveway in a wagon. I cultivated weeds that I swore were the ‘perennials’ I planted the previous year. They were, in fact, annuals. That was the beginning of my serious gardening education…..I frequently cry at the sight of an old soul tree. I stand in awe of them…..and (true confessions) I have a love hate relationship with my garden that I’m convinced winning the lottery would solve—so I buy tickets!”

vegetable garden by susan cohan garden design

My Favorite things: Susan Cohan

My favorite garden to dream about going–Majorelle. Fave gardening book –The Education of a Gardener by Russell Page. Fave tool? My brain. Fave stores? Bergdorf Goodman and Anthropologie (I’ve been a customer of both for many, many years, but can only buy at BG on big time sale.)

garden design by susan cohan

What do you do to find inspiration?

I’m an inspiration junkie – always looking, always absorbing, always processing. Travel to anywhere I haven’t been is pretty high on the list–but New York always. I love architecture and industrial design and find lots of inspiration there. I like gardens that challenge me in some way. A great meal with plenty of good wine and great conversation works too!

Best Garden or Design Advice Ever (Given or Received)?

Be intentional. Learn to edit. Relax.

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  1. Michelle D. says:

    I hadn’t seen that photo from the Garden Gives Back project. The veggies garden looks fabulously lush.
    It’s no wonder you were feeding and supplying the food pantries in N.J . !

    PS. I hope you win the lotto someday !

  2. Susan aka Miss R says:

    Thank you for having me here Rochelle! A delight and the high point of my afternoon. I hope you have a fabulous vacation.

  3. I.Want. That. Potager.

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